Members of our laboratory group include Postdoctoral Associates, PhD students, MSME students, and undergraduates.  A major emphasis of the lab group is making sure that all students (and post-doctoral associates), after graduation, find a position in academia or industry that they are excited about.  Laboratory PhD, MSME, and Postdoctoral Alumni are noted below.  For the PhD and Postdoctoral alumni, their current positions are listed.  For the MSME alumni, their positions immediately subsequent to graduation are listed (many have moved on the other companies or positions).  More than 50 undergraduate students have worked in the lab since 2009.

PhD Graduates:

MSME Graduates:

  • Vinay PremnathCharge and Momentum Transfer Processes for Gas-phase Nanoparticles, Plan A, May 2011. Position after GraduationResearch Engineer, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX
  • Daniel MascarenhasBrownian Dynamics Simulation of Nanoparticle Deposition in Nucleopore Filters, Plan B, February 2011. Position after Graduation: Mechanical Engineer, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA. LinkedIn
  • Santiago Ruiz-ValdepenasMeasurement of Evaporation of Singly Charged Silver Nanoclusters with a Tandem DMA System, Plan B, July 2012. Position after Graduation: Research Engineer, Dyson Ltd, Manchester, United Kingdom. LinkedIn
  • Benjamin T. HuntDetermination of the Single Fiber Filtration Efficiency for Spherical Particles via First Passage Time Calculations, Plan B, December 2012. Position after Graduation: Research Engineer, MSP Corp., Shoreview, MN. LinkedIn
  • Seungkoo KangDetermination of Dielectric Constant for Micro-sized Charged Particles by Unipolar Field Charging, Plan B, November 2014. Position after Graduation, PhD Student, University of Minnesota; advisor: David Pui LinkedIn
  • David T. Buckley, Quantitative Time-Based Measurements of Aerosol Particles, Plan B, January 2018. Position After Graduation: Research Engineer, 3M, Maple Grove, MN LinkedIn
  • Michelle HeiligLaminar Flow Sublimation-Deposition Systems for Particle Growth with MALDI Matrices, Plan A, July 2021.  Position After Graduation:  Quality Engineer, Medtronic
  • Ewnet GebrehiwotOptimized Aerosol Hood Design Performance and Clinical Efficacy to Protect Health Care Workers from Nosocomial Infection, Plan A, August 2021.  Position After Graduation (and during Graduate Studies): Sr. R&D Engineer, Boston Scientific, Minneapolis, MN
  • Jared Moody, Structure from Motion for the Creation of Realistic 3D Models of ISO Fine Test Dust, Plan A, Materials Science MS, October 2021.  Position After Graduation (and During Degree): Engineering Manager - Fiber Technology, Donaldson Co., Bloomington, MN, LinkedIn
  • Devin McGee, Development of an Experimental System to Generate and Characterize Supersonic Aerosol Particles Using Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Plan A, February 2023.  Position After Graduation: Test Engineer, Blue Origin., West Texas Launch Site.  
  • Mckenna Relling, Improving Virtual Impactor Performance via Nozzle Optimization, Plan A, April 2023.  Position After Graduation: Engineer, Steris, Minneapolis, MN.  
  • Sarah Ley, Charge Distribution Inversion for Supermicrometer Particles via Differential Mobility Analysis and Optical Particle Spectrometry, Plan A, May 2023.  Position After Graduation: Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace, Minneapolis, MN.  

Postdoctoral Associates & Staff: